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Chemical Engineer

“I joined the Church of Nellius in 1985. It was at a dinner party when I learned the truth about our ancestors as humanoids from the planet Nellius. All of a sudden everything made sense to me. This human quality of exploring the beyond had always fascinated me. And now I finally found its origin. It truly was a life changing moment.”

Psychiatric Nurse

“Both my parents were already members of the Church of Nellius when I was born. And I am very grateful to have experienced such a comforting upbringing. We are destined to explore our universe as our forefathers the Nellians teach us. And there is still so much for us to learn about future interplanetary travel possibilities.”

Corporate Lawyer

“I first learned about the Church of Nellius through my husband in 1995. The following year we stayed at the Church compound in Japan. I learned more about myself in the first few days than in my whole life up to that point. Never would I have imagined that I had to change my focus on life on earth and start preparing for life on a new planet.”


Four of our other members tell their story (recorded in The Netherlands, 2019):