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teachings of Viatoris

altissimum planetam tergeminum observavi (I have observed that the highest planet is threefold)

Galileo Galilei, 1610

Holy Scripture

The teachings of Viatoris have their origin in the Holy Scipture: Journey to Nellius. This book was written in 1981 by Dutch scientist Ada Gooffers and is a detailed report of a secret ESA mission to planet Nellius in 1974.

first page of ‘reis naar Nellius’ (journey to Nellius)

On this mission a humanlike civilization was discovered – the Nellians – including the remains of temples, jewelry and the skulls of the gods Divinus and Divina.

Divinus & Divina

In Journey to Nellius it is revealed that we are descendants of the Nellians, who left planet Nellius due to climate change and came to Earth in order to survive. This means that we are still children of the gods the Nellians use to worship and obey. And Viatoris is the one who explained the theological aspects of this faith to us through his teachings.


Essential Matters ~ HPS

The teachings of Viatoris consist of three basic beliefs, also shortened to HPS:

  • HERITAGE: we are descendants of the Nellians
  • PURPOSE: we are destined to travel to the next planet
  • SUBLIMATION: on the next planet all humans will live in peace

In order to achieve full HPS you will need to contact the Church of Nellius and receive the necessary information.


Etiquette ~ < 2 >

Followers of the Church of Nellius are expected to conform to the principle of ‘more or less than two’ (< 2 >). This is based on the fact that everything that consists of two elements keeps us grounded to Earth instead of being focused on Nellius (Heritage) and the new planet (Purpose).

  • Relations: live solitary or with more than one partner
  • Travel: no bicycles, motorcycles, no two engine airplaines
  • Dining: always use more or less than two circular pieces of tableware, no soupbowl on top of a flat plate, more or less than two drinking glasses
  • Appearance: more or less than two earrings, when carrying glasses or lenses always have a third eyeglass or lense on you