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Our Holy Father Viatoris

Viatoris was born in 1934 as Arnold de Heer in Zwolle, The Netherlands. In 1979 he changed his name to Viatoris, which is Latin for ‘he who is travelling’. Viatoris is addressed as Our Holy Father Viatoris. Within the Church of Nellius every person is pointed out as the relationship he or she has in regard to Viatoris. Such as Fillius Viatoris, meaning Son of Viatoris, now ruling the Church. Members of the Church are called Discipulis Viatoris, meaning follower of Viatoris.

Viatoris founded the Church of Nellius in 1982 and assigned Desmond Abbot to build the vast Church compound on a Japanese island the same year. Throughout the 1980s Viatoris established a religion which has now spread over numerous countries around the world.

The bedrock of the teachings of Viatoris is found in a secret ESA mission to planet Nellius in 1967. On this planet the remains were found of a human-like civilization. It proved that we are an interplanetary species that travels from one planet to the next. Viatoris is urging all followers to do as the inhabitants of planet Nellius did: to travel to the next planet when the one we are inhabiting is becoming uninhabitable.

In imitation of the urgent message send out by Viatoris the Church of Nellius invests in missions carried out by all space agencies exploring every possibility of surviving on another planet.

On April 24th 2021 high priest Grand Duck announced the transition of Viatoris, transcending His human form.

Viatoris is still President of the Church in absentia, meaning in absence. His human body is frozen and stored at the CoN Research Centre, albeit that an eyelash is introduced by his son Fillius Viatoris, the new President of the Church, as a relic.