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Ever wondered why you are always eager to travel and explore? In 1974 the answer to this question was found during a secret European Space Agency (ESA) mission to planet Nellius. The goal of this mission was to investigate whether life ever existed on the earth-like planet.

After weeks of exploring the crew was shocked to see three rings of blue light shining on the horizon. On the planets surface marked by this blue glow they found the remains of a temple. Measuring 65 feet in height and flanked by two enormous human-like statues their first reaction was that it had to be built by earthlings.
But no human had ever set foot on planet Nellius.

When the crew entered the temple they discovered among other artefacts a golden engraved tablet and the three-eyed skulls of a king and queen. These findings form the basis of the beliefs which the Church of Nellius holds true. The remains of Divinus and Divina, as these alien gods were called, are kept in the crypt of the Church of Nellius.

Further investigations of planet Nellius revealed that it was hit by another celestial body thousands of years ago which left an enormous crater. The friction caused by the impact resulted in a global warming effect which made the planet uninhabitable.

Nellians – older, clearly humanoid creatures – must have been our ancestors who came to Earth in order to survive. The biological similarities between Nellians and humans are astonishing. Although Nellians were a little smaller and had three eyes, the DNA structure is practically the same. Both of the crowns found in the temple on planet Nellius are decorated with gold, diamonds and pearls. This means the planet once had mineral and water resources.

The Church of Nellius acknowledges the Nellians as our forefathers and their Holy King and Queen Divinus and Divina as our gods. The gospel of humankind as an interplanetary species is passed down by these creatures through the teachings of their Holy Son Viatoris, who founded the Church in 1982. His and our main goal is to travel to the next planet as soon as possible. With the help of your personal investments in the Church of Nellius, we as a species can start over in a new world. Through preserving art for our future outer space generations and with scientific research aimed at life on a new planet, the Church of Nellius helps you find a new and healthy planet .