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CoN Museum of Modern Art – Paris, France

The CoN Museum of Modern Art in Paris, France, was built in 1988 by architect Desmond Abbot. Its collection contains the works of Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Modigliani and many more. The Church of Nellius intends to take the collection into space when a new suitable planet is discovered.

Jean Brokers Lafayette has a grand reputation as director of the CoN Museum of Modern Art. Before becoming a museum director Brokers Lafayette worked as a curator at MoMA (New York), Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid) and Neue Nationalgalerie (Berlin). Brokers Lafayette also published numerous articles about Modernism in various art magazines.




Selection of works


Raoul Dufy – La promenade de Nichamps (1938)

Vincent van Gogh – Portrait of Armand Roulin (1890)

Frida Kahlo – Self-portrait with snake and eggs (1947)

Jean ‘Hans’ Arp – Torse Deux (1932)

Asger Jorn – Untitled (1961)

Georgia O’Keeffe – Blue Oaks, New Mexico (1931)

Franz Kline – Gyrations (1951)

Alberto Giacometti – The Treading Man I (1947)

Henri Matisse – The cabinet (1908)

Amedeo Modigliani – Madame Clemensa (1913)

Henry Moore – Figure Reclining (1938)

Pablo Picasso – Portrait of Catherine (1937)

Philip Guston – Watching, sleeping, smoking (1972)

James Ensor – Carnival (1924)

Barbara Hepworth – Double Hemisphere (1937)


Our Holy Fillius Viatoris with a sculpture by Barbara Hepworth entitled Double Hemisphere (1937).