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a new reign



With the transformation of Viatoris in 2021 the Church of Nellius has entered a new era which will be defined by the reign of his son, Fillius Viatoris. The new leader of the Church has been sworn in and blessed by high priest Grand Duck following church protocols.



Fillius Viatoris is known to be a scholar of theology and philosophy. He studied at universities in Switzerland, England and in The Netherlands. Fillius Viatoris is also a great admirer and collector of fine art. As the new leader of the Church he is now bearer of the Three Circles, to emphasize his threefold wisdom of the old planet, the one we currently inhabit and our future planet combined.



Besides English Fillius Viatoris speaks fluent Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and German and has many friends in high places around the world. An Asian prince presented him with a scepter and a sheik with an Arabian dagger to commemorate his installation as the new leader of the Church.