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The main building on the Church compound in Japan was built in 1983 by architect Desmond Abbot. Initiated by Viatoris as a place of worship, it was also the first building on the compound. The building consists of an atrium, narthex, central nave with two adjacent naves, double aisles, a bema, transept and an exedra. It holds a number of relics kept by the Church of Nellius, such as the Golden Tablet.

Sermons are held once a week for members only.


The residence on the Church compound in Japan is the home of founding father Viatoris and his son Fillius Viatoris. Built in 1984 by architect Desmond Abbot
it also has an underground passageway to the main building and the laboratory, a pool and a helipad adjacent to the residence.


In this laboratory on the Church compound in Japan engineers are working on a command module. The module is designed to be attached to spacecrafts built by partners of the Church of Nellius, such as NASA, SpaceX, ROSCOSMOS and ESA. The laboratory consists of a control room and a 160 feet underground shaft.


Guest houses on the Church compound in Japan are available for members only. Built in 1986 by architect Desmond Abbot they are suitable for couples as
well as small families. Each guest house has two floors and consists of a living room, kitchen and a dormitory.